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Flat rate movers in Alexandria

Alexandria, Virgina- Home of George Washington

(The president you know even less about than Herbert Hoover)

Alexandria, VA is considered the home of our nation’s first president, George Washington. Which is odd considering he only lived there very briefly as a child, and is just the first thing you didn’t know about our first president.

Most of Washington’s life does have ties to Alexandria as an adult, but we know next to nothing about his childhood. He lived in Alexandria long enough to get his mail and he left school at age 15. Honestly, though, 15 then was more like 30 now; so it was time to get a job.
The hard truth is this; he never chopped down a cherry tree, said I cannot tell a lie or threw a silver dollar across the Potomac River. At least, he was never caught cutting down a cherry tree, and we can only assume he didn’t actually throw a silver dollar across the river, or else the Kansas City Royals might still be willing to give him a shot next season as a starter.

Finally, we’d like to take a moment to debunk that story that George Washington had wooden teeth. This is patently false. His teeth were pure ivory set in a silver plate. Because he was out first president, that’s why.

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