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Movers Danville

Bigfoot’s Last Stand

A funny thing about Danville, VA; aside from being the “city of churches” and one of the few independent cities in the nation (meaning it has no county affiliation. The funny thing about Danville, VA?

It’s the home of Bigfoot.

For many years people in every part of the world have their own stories of a creature in the woods; a missing link. Danville is no different, playing host to their own “Danville Wildman”.

It is thought that the “Wildman” is related to the Grassman of Ohio. What relation that is, isn’t clear. However, it all appears to be names for the same creature; Sasquatch.

It’s not hard to imagine something mysterious in the deep woods of Virginia. Being located on the Appalachian trail and attracting hikers from all over the world every year, it’s no surprise that people see things moving around in the trees. Even if it is content to keep to itself and not bother the locals and visitors.

You might be thinking how ridiculous it all is. There is no such thing as Bigfoot. But, I have proof for you.

The welcome to Danville, VA sign reads “Home of the Bigfoot”. It just doesn’t get more official than that.

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